Industrial Gas

Ram Mechanical is a recognized leader in the field of industrial gas work. As certified ‘A’ gas contractors and ‘A’ boiler contractors we have all the necessary qualifications and skills to perform any scope of work. From process heat to steam, Ram Mechanical offers a full range of services. We can help keep your facility operating at peak efficiency by maximizing energy savings, preventing downtime and ensuring your equipment is operating in a safe manner.

Combustion efficiency is a key component to fuel savings. Having your combustion equipment properly tuned is a key component to efficient and safe operation. Ram Mechanical will also correct your combustion tuning to ensure that your equipment is running within Ministry of Environment requirements.

Safety is priority number one when dealing with any kind of process or combustion equipment. Ram Mechanical’s technicians have the experience and training to ensure your equipment is operating safely and reliably.

Regular maintenance is key to equipment longevity. By following a regular maintenance schedule you will prolong the life of your equipment. Identifying problems early will prevent costly downtime.

Having an approved fuel system is a must. Industry enforcement and insurance requirements within British Columbia are driving companies to get their equipment approved. Ram Mechanical has the expertise and experience to guide you through the approval process. In the cases where you may want old equipment approved we will gladly look at your system and help you to understand what must be done to bring it up to the current codes.

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