Booster Pumps

High-Efficiency Water Pressure System For Multi-Level Tower Buildings

Booster pumps are an integral part of a building’s water pressure system. In the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, booster pumps are commonly found in tower buildings and ensure adequate water pressure throughout the entire complex. With recent advances in technology, today’s high-efficiency pumps are far more energy efficient and require less maintenance when compared to “traditional” booster pumps. Even modern buildings that are just a few years old may have traditional systems that are excessively expensive to maintain and operate.

Today, more and more buildings are adopting high-efficiency water pressure systems and are enjoying lower operating costs and improved reliability.


Reduce operating costs
Traditional water pressure systems often consist of single stage pumps that operate continuously with no variance in operating speed. Today’s high-efficiency systems instead utilize multi-stage pumps that can adjust output as needed during high and low demand periods. As a result, the system consumes less energy and is more reliable.

Incentives available from BC Hydro Power Smart Program
With the reduction in energy consumption, BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program will often grant incentives towards the expenses of installing a new high-efficiency water pressure system. When you combine these incentives with the energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, the payback on your investment is extremely quick.

Experience as an Industry Leader
Our team at Ram Mechanical Ltd. is proudly leading the industry with our experience and expert knowledge of advanced high-efficiency water pressure systems. We work with commercial, industrial and residential building owners to provide booster pumps that consume less energy and function reliably with low maintenance costs. Customer satisfaction is our mission.


To learn more about how your building can maximize the efficiency of its water pressure system and minimize operating costs, please contact us for a professional, no obligation, evaluation. We will evaluate your current system and present solutions that are reliable, efficient and friendly to the environment.

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