Boiler Retrofits

Most of today’s commercial, industrial and residential buildings rely on boiler heating systems for their air and water heating. Over time, older boiler systems can become less efficient, less reliable and more costly to maintain. Today, more and more businesses and property owners are looking to Ram Mechanical for expert solutions.

Ram Mechanical is an industry leader in providing boiler retrofits for the commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential sectors.

Experience as an industry leader
Since 1994, our team at Ram Mechanical Ltd. has been working with commercial building owners and residential strata corporations to provide heating and hot water systems that function reliably with low maintenance costs. We specialize in high quality boiler retrofits that save energy and provide better heating ability. We have extensive experience in boiler installations and we take pride in the installations we do. Customer satisfaction is our mission.

Save in operating costs with a new high-efficiency boiler
When you replace your old boiler with a new high-efficiency boiler you can save thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the system. As a result, the savings in heating costs typically pay for the installation in approximately 4 to 7 years, on average. You will also enjoy the long-term benefits of having superior equipment that is engineered for a long life cycle.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
We are committed to protecting the environment by offering products that reduce harmful emissions that improve air quality. Our advanced high-efficiency boilers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are better for the environment.


To learn more about how your building can maximize the efficiency of it’s boiler heating system and maximize operating costs, please contact us for a professional, no obligation, evaluation. We will evaluate your current system and present solutions that are more efficient and friendly to the environment.

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