Portable Mechanical Room

A Mobile Trailer Unit Providing Temporary On-Site Heating Service For Your Building

Ram Mechanical Ltd. is the exclusive provider of the revolutionary Mobile Mechanical Room. As the only one of its kind in the Lower Mainland, this self-contained trailer unit has the ability to provide temporary on-site heating service for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It features four high-efficiency boilers, several heating pumps, an expansion tank and all the system components necessary to function as a heating system. It also features a storage tank for hot water heating capabilities. As a complete heating system, the Mobile Mechanical Room can function for months at a time.


Eliminates costly interruptions in heating and hot water production during temporary construction projects
The Mobile Mechanical Room is engineered to easily connect with your building’s existing heating system to provide heat and domestic hot water production. It is ideal for projects such as retrofits and restorations, and for periods of prolonged system shut downs. In the case of an old boiler breaking down and requiring a replacement, the Mobile Mechanical Room functions seamlessly while your building’s mechanical room is retrofitted with a new boiler.

Available to contractors as a rental unit
The Mobile Mechanical Room is available to contractors as a rental unit during major construction, renovation or restoration projects. Included within the rental package, we will perform the installation, removal and all services necessary to keep it functioning at maximum efficiency.


To learn more about The Mobile Mechanical Room and how it can benefit your project, please contact us for a professional, no obligation, consultation.

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